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"Commander's Log"

This membership year has been extraordinary ! Not only have we attained our seventh consecutive "All Time High", we have remained steadfast to our committment - "Still Serving America".

A quick review... Over the past year we have provided the Pocatello Veternas Home with $18,000 in food stuffs, the Mountain States Tumor Institute and Ronald McDonalss House in Boise with more than $1200 in toys. Locally, we have supported the Boy Scouts, Operation Help and various other community activities. One that comes to mind is the "Willie & Pattie Earle Fund". Since January, we have received over $4,000 in donations from various Legion organizations within Idaho!

As we close this membership year, please allow me to thank you for your support.

Gary Thor, Commander

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"Adjutant's Korner"

Commander Thor is right, this has been a great year. Not only has Post 109 achieved a seventh consecutive"All Time High", District has achieved its second. Even sweeter is the fact that the Eight District Ladies not only paved the way in Idaho last year, they're ahead of the pack once again!

To put this all into perspective, there is a district in Idaho that hasn't achieved goal since 1997. In contrast, District Eight has has exceeded all goals and increased membership by 43.5% since 1997. An accomplishment that I doubt very few, if any districts of the American Legion can claim. In the same time frame, through your dedication and efforts Post 109 has increased membership by a whopping 85%!!

So why the emphasis on membership some may ask. Pure and simple, without a strong membership we cannot promote the programs and ideals of the American Legion.

Some figures to support our position:
Through the efforts of you the members and the generous donations of vendors we have supplied the Pocatello Veterans Home with over $38,000 in food stuffs since 1998. Additionally, we have provided the Mountain States Tumor Institute and the Ronald McDonald's House in Boise with over $1200 of toys. We also have solicited and obtained over $4000 for our member, Willie Earle who suffered extensive burn injuries last December.

Not bad for the smallest District in Idaho and possibly the whole American Legion! So, you see fellow members your membership does count. Without your enduring support we cannot continue these programs!

It has been a great year and we thank you for you support in making Post 109 and District Eight the "BEST IN IDAHO"

"Still Serving America"

Rocky Chilson, Adjutant

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Post 109's Seventy-First Birthday
On March 17th, Legionniares, Auxiliary members, and guests celebrated Post 109's seventy-first Birthday.

A festive event always well attended. In fact, Post Commander Gary Thor noted "We have a quorum!". Special thanks is due the Ladies Auxiliary for their efforts in hosting the party.

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District Eight held its Spring Convention in Challis March 24th with members from Salmon, Mackay and Challis packing the Legion Home.

Prior to the business meetings, all were treated to a "Spaghetti Feed", which included shrimp cocktail, fresh garden salad, garlic toast, and ice cream!

Highlighting the joint session was the announcment that the Eight District again leads Idaho in membership, achieiving its second consecutive "All Time High". To put the icing on the cake, it was announced that the Ladies Auxiliary of the Eight District are currently leading the way in Idaho.

Following lunch the business meetings were held. The voting delegates of the Eight District realizing a good thing when they see it opted to re-nominate all present district officers for another term. By acculmation the following slate of officers for the coming year were installed:

Commander Gary Thor
Adjutant Rocky Chilson
Vice Commander Ken Noack
Vice Commander Tommy Tristan
Service Officer Ken Noack
Chaplain Sam Hovey
Sgt-at-Arms Rick Hanni

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With great saddness we report to you the transfer of the following members to "Post Everlasting":

Joe Ebberts
Fred Siebe
Bill Ebberts

Joe and Fred had twenty years service and Bill fifty-six years continious service to the American Legion, thirty one of which he served as Adjutant of Post 109.

Our "Supreme Commander" has no doubt welcomed them to Post Everlasting"

Joe, Fred, and Bill... Your service to America and community will never be forgotten

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Readers Respond

Dear Editor,
I want to compliment you on the wonderful job you are doing. Your web site is a masterpiece and I am sure the envy of American Legion posts all over the country. Your monthly bulletin is equally outstanding. Both of these possibly pale in comparison to the good works Post 109 is doing for Challis, District 8 and The American Legion of Idaho.

The article, Philip Kirk Remembered, was most tastefully done and a beautiful tribute. There remain two other survivors of his siblings; Mable Schwarting of Challis, daughter of Eunice, and my sister Frances Kirk Cole of Walnut, California. Of course, Johnny Hammond is the son of his half-sister,Isabella Beardsley Hammond.

My thanks to you on behalf of all of us.

Philip F. Kirk
Savannah, Georgia

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We're Back !

Join us every Wednesday at 7:00 PM for a fun night of Bingo.

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A Visit to Ronald McDonalds House

(l-r)Mal Spooner, Allison Blair, Rocky Chilson, Ray Comacho

In Janurary, while in attendance at the Mid-Winter Confernce, members of Post 109 visited the Ronald McDonald's House is Boise and presented then with over $500 in toys for the needy children. Joining Challis Legionnaires was Past Department Sgt-at-Arms Ray Comacho

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