Budget Pay Plan

Fuel Budget Pay Plan will be set up on an 11 month basis beginning with the first payment in June, the last payment in April, and the final settle up occurring in May. Any credit balances will be held on account or a refund will  be returned upon customer request.

Fuel budget payments will include bulk propane and tank rental only. Budget payments can only be established after credit has been approved. If the budget payments are not paid as agreed, the budget agreement will be canceled and the budget balance will be applied to the open account and open credit terms will apply. A signed budget agreement will be on file for each budget customer.

Fuel budget payment amounts will be calculated on anticipated usage plus the tank rental, if it is to be included. If a customer enrolls in the Fuel Budget Plan after the June start date the following are required:

  1. The customer account must be current, and
  2. The budget payments are adjusted to bring the budget account to where it would have been had the account been started in June.

If payments have been missed, prompt action should be taken to get the payment in or cancel the agreement. In no case should a budget customer be behind more than one payment.