Out of Gas/Service Interruption Policy

To our Valued Customers,

Salmon River Propane is dedicated to serving our customers. Our number one goal is safety for our customers as well as our employees. Running but of propane in your gas system can lead to a potentially dangerous situation. Most accidents and injuries involving propane occur when consumers try to relight their appliances after an out-of-Gas occurrence. Limiting Out-of-Gas situations is one of the ways to increase safety. Unfortunately, there may be a time when you unexpectedly run out of gas.

Salmon River Propane has developed specific policies and procedures regarding these occurrences.

If you experience an Out-of-Gas situation, you should do the following:

  1. Shut off the service valve outside, at the propane storage container.
  2. Call your propane supplier immediately at: Challis at (208) 879-2201; Salmon at (208) 756-3271

As part of our safety program, Salmon River Propane is required to perform a leakage test of your entire gas system and place your system back into operation. To achieve this, our employees must have access to all your appliances. If no one is home when we arrive, we will not deliver any propane into your container. We will leave a notice instructing you to call us. This could lead to additional service charges for return trips to your location.

The following fees are associated with an Out-of-Gas service call:

  • Customers on Scheduled Delivery: No Charge
  • Customers on Will Call Delivery: $55 first trip; $55 each additional trip