Propane Purchase – Credit Policies

Due Date

Payment is to be received at our remittance address by the due date specified on the statement. If due date is on a legal holiday, Saturday or Sunday, the following work day will be considered the due date.

Late Payment

Past due accounts will be charged 18% annual interest Salmon River Propane reserves the right to discontinue propane service to a customer.

Non Sufficient Funds Checks

A $20 fee will be charged for returned checks.

Past Due Accounts

At the company's discretion delinquent letters will be sent on past due accounts.

If a customer's account becomes 120 days delinquent, and an acceptable payment arrangement cannot be negotiated with the customer or the customer does not adhere to an agreed upon payment arrangement, at management discretion, other means may be pursued to collect this account.

At least annually, a write-off list shall be presented to the Board for a confirmation signature.

After an account has been written off, that account becomes eligible for presentation to a collection agency.