New Customer Packet

Propane Purchase – Credit Policies

Due Date

Payment is to be received at our remittance address by the due date specified on the statement. If due date is on a legal holiday, Saturday or Sunday, the following work day will be considered the due date.

Late Payment

Past due accounts will be charged 18% annual interest Salmon River Propane reserves the right to discontinue propane service to a customer.

Non Sufficient Funds Checks

A $20 fee will be charged for returned checks.

Past Due Accounts

At the company's discretion delinquent letters will be sent on past due accounts.

If a customer's account becomes 120 days delinquent, and an acceptable payment arrangement cannot be negotiated with the customer or the customer does not adhere to an agreed upon payment arrangement, at management discretion, other means may be pursued to collect this account.

At least annually, a write-off list shall be presented to the Board for a confirmation signature.

After an account has been written off, that account becomes eligible for presentation to a collection agency.

Budget Pay Plan

Fuel Budget Pay Plan will be set up on an 11 month basis beginning with the first payment in June, the last payment in April, and the final settle up occurring in May. Any credit balances will be held on account or a refund will  be returned upon customer request.

Fuel budget payments will include bulk propane and tank rental only. Budget payments can only be established after credit has been approved. If the budget payments are not paid as agreed, the budget agreement will be canceled and the budget balance will be applied to the open account and open credit terms will apply. A signed budget agreement will be on file for each budget customer.

Fuel budget payment amounts will be calculated on anticipated usage plus the tank rental, if it is to be included. If a customer enrolls in the Fuel Budget Plan after the June start date the following are required:

  1. The customer account must be current, and
  2. The budget payments are adjusted to bring the budget account to where it would have been had the account been started in June.

If payments have been missed, prompt action should be taken to get the payment in or cancel the agreement. In no case should a budget customer be behind more than one payment.

Out of Gas/Service Interruption Policy

To our Valued Customers,

Salmon River Propane is dedicated to serving our customers. Our number one goal is safety for our customers as well as our employees. Running but of propane in your gas system can lead to a potentially dangerous situation. Most accidents and injuries involving propane occur when consumers try to relight their appliances after an out-of-Gas occurrence. Limiting Out-of-Gas situations is one of the ways to increase safety. Unfortunately, there may be a time when you unexpectedly run out of gas.

Salmon River Propane has developed specific policies and procedures regarding these occurrences.

If you experience an Out-of-Gas situation, you should do the following:

  1. Shut off the service valve outside, at the propane storage container.
  2. Call your propane supplier immediately at: Challis at (208) 879-2201; Salmon at (208) 756-3271

As part of our safety program, Salmon River Propane is required to perform a leakage test of your entire gas system and place your system back into operation. To achieve this, our employees must have access to all your appliances. If no one is home when we arrive, we will not deliver any propane into your container. We will leave a notice instructing you to call us. This could lead to additional service charges for return trips to your location.

The following fees are associated with an Out-of-Gas service call:

  • Customers on Scheduled Delivery: No Charge
  • Customers on Will Call Delivery: $55 first trip; $55 each additional trip
Propane Delivery Policy

To Our Valued Customers,

Salmon River Propane is dedicated to serving our customers. Our number one goal is safety for our customers as well as our employees. Delivering propane to customer storage containers is one of the most common services that we provide. Salmon River Propane has developed specific policies and procedures regarding delivery of product.

  1. Delivery of propane shall be made only to those customers that meet the approval of the credit manager. Deliveries shall be made only to Salmon River Propane customer owned containers or to Salmon River Propane customer leased containers. No deliveries shall be made to containers owned by other individuals or companies without the expressed consent of the container owner.
  2. All accounts are cash, until the completion and approval of a credit application.
    1. If your account remains cash, payment must be made in the office 7 days prior to delivery.
    2. If a credit application is completed, the granting of credit will be based on income and 3
      credit references.
    3. Credit may be granted in different ways:
      1. 100 gallons delivery, to be paid in full, before the next delivery.
      2. Monthly charge account. Statement mailed the second working day of the month,
        payment, in full, due by the 15th unless prior approval for extended credit terms have been
        received from the manager of the appropriate office, prior to the charge.
      3. SRP also offers a Budget Payment Plan to all customers, with approved credit
  3. Containers owned and/or leased by Salmon River Propane can only be filled and serviced by
    Salmon River Propane personnel.
  4. All new customers shall be presented with a new customer packet at the time of container
    installation or prior to the first delivery. All information in the packet shall be discussed with the
    customer and a customer signature verifying receipt of the information must be obtained.
  5. Customers have the option of Scheduled Delivery or Will Call. Will call customers are
    responsible for all costs incurred due to out-of-gas or service interruption situations including
    system inspections and ieakage tests. You will call our office 7 days in advance of needing a
    delivery. Propane will be delivered on our next scheduled date in your area. Minimum delivery
    is 100 gallons and the propane may be charged in accordance with our credit terms.
  6. Deliveries will not be made to containers or systems that are deemed unsafe by Salmon River
  7. System inspections and leakage tests must be performed if any of the following situations exist
    and before containers can be filled.

    1. New customer
    2. Change of occupancy
    3. New system installation or modification
    4. Suspected leaks
    5. System interruptions such as but not limited to repairs, modifications, turning off container service valves, deliveries by other propane companies or running out of gas.

At Salmon River Propane, safety is our number one goal. If you have any questions or concerns about the
above information, please give us a call or talk to your propane delivery person.