Residential Propane

Salmon River Propane offers delivery and payment options to fit your residential needs.

Delivery Options

Automatic Refill: Eliminate one more chore from your busy schedule by letting us take care of tracking the fuel level in your propane tank and keeping you warm regardless of the Idaho weather! Our computer system will calculate your propane needs based on historical usage/temperature and will automatically generate a service order letting us know you need propane. This option can be combined with cap pricing, budget billing, or a traditional pay as you go payment option.

Will Call: For those that want to have more control over when your fuel is delivered, this is the option for you. You monitor your own tank percentage and notify Salmon River Propane when your tank needs to be filled. We will schedule your tank to be filled within 7 business days. Salmon River Propane requires a 100-gallon minimum fuel delivery. Note that a system check is required if you allow your fuel tank to go empty and fees may apply. This option will be combined with the pay-as-you-go payment plan.

Summer Fill: Customers with tanks sized large enough to require only one fill per calendar year can take advantage of Salmon River Propane’s Summer Fill option. We will schedule an annual tank fill during the summer months when demand and prices are lower.

Pricing Options

Cap Program: Take advantage of Salmon River Propane’s Cap Program to minimize cost and limit price volatility. We will calculate your expected usage for the season and lock in your fuel rate. Contact Salmon River Propane for more information.

Budget Pay Plan: Salmon River Propane will estimate your usage for the year and bill you a fixed amount each month. This option does not lock in your rate for the season and your account balance will be billed at the current fuel price. The budget pay year begins in June and ends in May requiring your account balance to be paid in full. Contact Salmon River Propane for more information.

Pay as You Go: Customers participating in this option will be billed for fuel when the tank is filled. Customers will be charged for the actual gallons pumped at the current fuel price.